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Small Change, Big Improvement

We recently completed a small but satisfying project for a customer in need of a front porch overhang. The customer had a small front porch that didn’t offer any roof covering, leaving them exposed to the elements whenever they wanted to enjoy their front yard. Our solution was a simple but elegant overhang that provided the shelter they needed while also adding some visual appeal to their home’s facade.

The overhang was built with a sturdy frame and covered with a durable roofing material that would stand up to rain, snow, and other weather conditions. The design was carefully planned to ensure that it complemented the existing architecture of the house and didn’t overpower the modest front porch.

The finished project was a success, providing the customer with the shelter they needed while also adding a touch of charm to their home’s exterior. The customer was thrilled with the outcome and expressed their appreciation for our attention to detail and professionalism throughout the project.