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Purpose Built Bathroom

This bathroom renovation project was done for a customer who required a wheelchair-accessible bathroom. The renovation included the expansion of the shower area into an adjoining room’s closet to provide the necessary space to accommodate a wheelchair safely. The new design not only met the functional needs of the customer but also created a stunning and modern bathroom.

The new shower area was designed to be spacious and accessible, with modern fixtures and finishes that complemented the overall aesthetic of the bathroom. The use of light colors enhanced the overall look and feel of the space, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere.

The bathroom renovation also included the installation of a new toilet, sink, and vanity that were all designed to be easily accessible for wheelchair users. The new fixtures and finishes were carefully chosen to create a cohesive and modern look that met both the functional and aesthetic needs of the customer.

The new bathroom design not only improved the functionality and accessibility of the space but also significantly increased the value of the home. The customer now has a beautiful and fully functional bathroom that meets their needs and enhances their daily life.